The Competitive Advantage:
Mastering Stress in the Modern Workplace
Stress mastery strategies for productivity, performance, and employee fulfillment

The Speaker

David Bidler is a stress specialist. David is currently working with leaders in the scientific and medical community on the study of stress physiology.

The Seminar

We will cover the science of stress and how we can actively influence the stress response through non-meditative sensory exercises.

The seminar is designed to improve employee health and wellbeing while increasing productivity and performance.

All attendees will have access to additional team building support following the seminar through David's coaching app, BRAVE, on Apple IOS.

Benefit to Companies

Decrease in health costs through improved employee health.

Workplace stress responsible for $190 billion in annual health care costs. (Forbes, 2015)

Employee retention through reduction in burn-out and chronic stress.

Increased productivity through an improved ability to navigate stress in the workplace.