Breathe to Perform:
Performance Breathing for Sport and Life
Gain the competitive edge for your team or gym by mastering your breath

The Speaker

David Bidler is a performance breathing specialist. He has worked with leaders in the scientific, medical, and sports performance community to design a training experience like no other.

The Seminar

We will cover how breath control allows us to choose between aerobic and anaerobic states.

We will share how breathing influences the nervous system in both sport and life.

Athletes will learn how to stop "gassing out" too early and how to control energy levels through sports of varying distances.

Benefits to Athletes

Improved sleep quality, increased focus and energy, and reduced anxiety prior to competition.

A clear understanding of how breath fuels athletic activity and how to breathe for their particular sport.

Increased carbon dioxide tolerance, higher red blood cell count, and improvement in Vo2 max.

Strengthening respiratory muscles to gain a competitive advantage.