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Daily workouts for all fitness levels

Mental Fitness

Build a BRAVE mindset

Social Fitness

Connect with others in our private BRAVE group

Leading edge health and fitness training on your smartphone.

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Mindfulness Training

Meditation, performance visualization, and positive mindset training

Performance Breathing

Performance breathing sequences for sport and life



Learn fitness strategies for all levels, from beginner to pro-athlete



Optimize your nutrition to increase energy levels, improve body composition, and feel amazing

The Brave program

Daily Programs

Daily workouts and

30 Day Masterclass

Take part in our Masterclass programs. BRAVE Running, BRAVE Breath, and
BRAVE Life. More coming soon!

Build Community

Connect with others and build
friendships while building your
bravest self.

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I started working with David in a private performance camp while living more than a thousand miles away. After our first video conference call I immediately knew this was going to change my life. After the first week of the program I felt happier than I've felt in years. I am making daily positive changes that have helped me as a partner, an athlete, and a person. I am so excited about where this program will take me.

Hannah Flynn Barry

It is hard to describe the amount of positivity that this style of coaching has brought to my life. I am learning to change the way that I think, and the way that I live, on top of maximizing my physical strength. This is something that I've always hoped for, but hadn't had the tools to accomplish. This program has changed my life.

Paula Arsenault

My time working with David has been short-but effective beyond my expectations. His intuitive and gentle heart is only matched by his undying motivation to help you reach your goals and celebrate your victories. Much of what I have learned has been simple messages and ideas easily implemented in my daily life, but which have profound effectiveness when applied. I cannot say enough good about the work David does. He has helped nurture and provide for a supportive, sincere community, and helped so many people find a coaching environment that they can always rely on being truly authentic.

Aaron Vinette

With David's gentle guidance, I'm beginning to realize how easily I can reform my daily habits to yield a productive and happy lifestyle. After one week of David's private performance camp, I have a framework for building my day and controlling my time, something I had previously considered uncontrollable. David's programming is compassionate, and full of foundational concepts that allow each of us custom application. The support from David and the rest of the team is incredible! I look forward to further developing these relationships and new skills for years to come.

Elizabeth Walsh

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BRAVE Fitness Daily


Daily training to strengthen
your mind and body.

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BRAVE Masterclass


BRAVE Running, BRAVE Breath, and more BRAVE offerings coming soon!


The BRAVE team challenge

A 30 day team building experience for your organization or workplace

Inquire about custom packages for your workplace, organization, or team.


About Us

David Bidler

Founder and Lead Coach

David is an author, speaker, and performance coach. David works with companies, individuals, and teams to help them reach their performance potential.

David created BRAVE for the following reason "In 5+ years of coaching I’ve identified the following 3 barriers to personal change. Fear of starting, lack of a clear plan or program to follow once you start, lack of a community to work towards your goals with once you have a program to follow. BRAVE solves these problems for you, and opens the door to continued personal change in the process."

Brooke Rich

Holistic Health Coach

With a combined 15 years experience as a Registered Nurse, Counselor and as a Certified Health Coach Brooke has supported many people as they reach their wellness goals. She has a great understanding of optimal mental and physical health, and brings a truly holistic approach to the BRAVE team. Brooke is passionate about coaching individuals and through her small business Enrich Health Coaching. EnRich Health and Wellness Coaching

Lex Clark

Lead strength and Conditioning coach at the Distance Project

Lex Clark is the lead strength and conditioning coach at Distance Project. Lex’s mission is to help others become more connected to their bodies, and to feel empowered as they, build the strongest version of themselves.

Lex is pursuing her education as a physical therapist in order to offer her clients a deeper understanding and broader knowledge about the body.

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